Indiana Attorney License

Indiana Attorney License

Seems like it will take forever to reach your goal – becoming a licensed professional attorney. We know that feeling when not knowing where to start holds you back from your dream. But remember, nothing is impossible, and here we are to help you.

As you know, each state in the United States has its regulatory structures, and the same is with becoming a certified professional. If you are settled in Indiana asking yourself how to start the process of becoming a licensed attorney in your state, check this step-by-step article which will help you to understand what it will take to become a professional lawyer.

Do I need to be a licensed attorney to practice law in Indiana?

A lawyer without a license can’t give proper legal advice or represent people in court. Also, being a certified attorney makes you a trusted specialist for your clients and employers. Being licensed will allow you to earn significantly more, moreover, licensure speaks about your character too, as you have to be a person of high morality.

How can I become a licensed attorney in the State of Indiana?

  1. To become a lawyer, you need to show your educational background first: complete a four-year undergraduate pre-law school that is accredited by a national or regional accreditation agency. The accreditation agency must be listed in the database of the U.S. Department of Education.
  2. Once you finished your pre-law school, you need to apply for a Law School Admission Test. In the State of Indiana, the following popular law schools are approved by the American Bar Association:
  3. When you are admitted to the American Bar Association-accredited law school in Indiana, you need to earn your J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree.
  4. Once you hold your degree, you can apply for the Indiana State Bar Exam. The Indiana State Bar Exam can be taken in February or July each year. The examination consists of an Essay exam, a Multistate Performance Test, and a Multistate Bar Examination. These exams include questions on the following questions: family law, administrative law, criminal law, taxes, constitutional law, etc. The application to take the State Bar Exam must be submitted online.

Please note, that if you have already been licensed in another state, there are several ways to apply for the Indiana State Bar admission: you can take the Indiana State Bar exam, or you can apply for admission on foreign license or business counsel license.

How can I know if an attorney is licensed in the State of Indiana?

It’s always good to check for the background of a specialist before hiring him, especially when we speak about an attorney who will represent you in court. We have made your search easier – above you can see a search tool where you can enter the credentials of your lawyer to check if he is licensed and the license is up to date. Moreover, you can find there his job history and the law school completed – the more details, the better your experience. You can search for your credentials too if you are a licensed attorney in Indiana.

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