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There are surmountable amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Alabama, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Indiana has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Indiana has, you can expand your field from an Accountant license all the way to becoming a Real Estate Agent. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which Indiana has to offer. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance.

Indiana Accountant License

The first step in obtaining your Indiana CPA license is to make sure you’ve completed at least a 150 semester hours of college credit. You must gain the 30 hours of undergraduate accounting courses which are required for licensure. The next step in obtaining your license is to apply for the Uniform CPA examination through the Indiana Board of Examiners (IBOE). The required fee for the examination is about $70, and once you’ve passed the exam you’ll immediately receive a certification for your completion of the exam. The next step is to gain the necessary experience under a licensed supervisor at a state-accredited program, your licensed supervisor will document all your experience for your application for licensure. Finally, once you’ve completed your required experience it’s time for you to fill out your state licensing application. On your licensing application you must include all your personal information along with your certificate of completion for college and pre-licensing. Once you’ve filled out the application and submitted the required fee, you’ll wait for your verification of licensure to arrive by mail. Also, make sure to maintain your license by continuing education of 120 hours every three years.

Indiana Attorney & Lawyer License

The first step in obtaining your Attorney license in the state of Indiana is to complete about 90 semester hours of pre-legal education at a state-accredited college or university. Once you’ve finished your pre-legal education you must prepare and study for the (Law School Admission Test) LSAT examination, and take it at an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school. The next step after passing this strenuous exam is to apply for an attend a law school in Indiana. At the (ABA)-accredited law school you attend you’ll experience and learn new techniques and skills which will amplify your abilities for your profession in the future. You’re also required to work as an intern or apprentice under a licensed supervisor while you attend law school. The next step is to register with the Indiana state Department for the state bar examination. You must complete three sections of the state bar exam, the MEE (Multistate Essay Exam), the (Multistate Bar Examination MBE), and the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). After completing the state exam and paying the application fee, you’ll receive your test results in about 6-8 weeks after completing the examination. Finally, once you’ve passed and been accepted to the state bar, you must now find a firm to work independently for and maintain your license by continuing education of 20 hours during your first two years licensed.

Indiana Auction License

There are many people who desire to work in this business but win only those who have the permission. If you want to receive an Indiana Auction License, then this article is right for you. It covers all the necessary points that you have to know before taking any action.

First of all, the requirements set for the above-mentioned permit by the state, are observed. You will learn about all the papers that you need. The demands concerning the location are also studied. The expenses and expenditures as well as the certificate types are all covered by the article.

Thus, if you are a rookie in this field or just want to know the details, then start reading the article. You will learn what you need.

Indiana Barber License

The barber is the person who helps everyone to be more confident and beautiful. Beauty salon visits are a must for many people. These are important activities. It is not only a profession but a creative process that makes people feel content.

If you wish to become a qualified hairdresser you have to pass several stages. This article gives detailed information about the Indiana barber license and its requirements. Continue reading and realize your dream.

Indiana Business License

The first step in obtaining a business license in Indiana is to choose your set business plan and lay out your ideas in-order to efficiently start your business. The first step you should take for your business plan is to choose the specific business entity of your choice, you may choose from a sole proprietorship, a general partnership, a corporation, or a LLC (Limited Liability Company). The next step after deciding your business entity, you’ll need to decide on a business name and domain, you may not file only if the business name or domain you’d like is taken or reserved by another business entity. The next step is to file for an (Employer Identification Number) EIN with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in-order to identify and specify your business bank account from your personal bank account. The next vital step is to apply for a license and permit with the Indiana department along with a sales tax permit you must apply for in-order to sell specific products and services. Finally, once you’ve completed this process you must find financing for your company by taking out a small bank loan or grant to get your business on its feet and moving.

Indiana Cannabis and Marijuana License

Indiana provides mixed law requirements for using cannabis for medical and general purposes. The state approves the use and sale of hemp-derived CBD by bill 52. It means that patients can use CBD oil for medical goals, which involves less than 0.3% THC. Any other amount of marijuana supposes penalties and imprisonment. Indiana laws rank the use of fewer than 30 grams of cannabis among class “B” offenses. You can get a $1,000 penalty and up to 180 days of custody.

If you own over 30 grams of cannabis, it is classified as a Level 6 felony. The punitive measures suppose two-and-a-half years of imprisonment and a $10,000 penalty.

Officially Indiana does not approve the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Still, several bills are introduced to the house of senate annually. The supporters of amendments hope the attitude will change soon. Even so, Indiana allows the cultivation of hemp for industrial goals. The Office of the Indiana State Chemist(OISC) manages the process. According to the new 2020 hemp plan, the growers do not need a research proposal. They should not have access to university researchers to apply for a license. The eased process allows the growers and handlers to start operating commercial hemp by completing the application and getting approval from the OISC.

Indiana Contractor License

In-order to obtain your General Contractor license in the state of Indiana you must first determine what type of contracting license you’d like to obtain. You must complete all pre-licensing courses at a state-accredited program and make sure to earn a GED or higher education in order to be eligible. As an applicant, you must then pay the required application fee and submit all your personal information, once you’ve submitted your application to the Illinois state department you must prepare and study for the state licensing exam. You must pass the examination with a score of 70% or higher and will have two sections to complete. Finally, once you’ve passed the exam for licensure and have received verification of your license, you may now obtain your surety bond of $25,000 and start to practice freely as a licensed general contractor in the state of Indiana.

Indiana Cosmetology License

You’re required to be 16 years or older in-order to obtain your cosmetology license in Indiana as well as a high school diploma or the equivalent. Next you must enroll at a state-accredited cosmetology program where you’ll be able to assess your skills and experience new areas of your profession in person. After enrolling into a program, you must next complete 1,500 hours of education at your cosmetology program and make sure to narrow your area of expertise. Next, once you’ve completed your cosmetology program requisites, you’ll need to study and fill out a registration for the state-licensing examination with the Indiana Board of Cosmetology. Once you’ve paid the required fee of $45 and passed the examination, you’ll need to fill out a form as an applicant for licensure, you’ll need to fill out your personal information and proof of completion of your cosmetology program hours in-order to be eligible for licensing. Finally, once you’ve submitted your application and paid the application fee, you’ll receive your certificate of licensure via mail and may start working independently with your license.

Indiana Dental Hygiene License

In order to obtain your dental hygiene license you’ll need to first earn a minimum of an associate’s degree in dental hygiene at a state-accredited college. Your educational requirements are to take two years of credit at a American Dental Association (ADA)- accredited college in the state of Indiana. The next step in this process is to take both the national and regional examinations, once you’ve applied for both tests online you’ll receive a letter or email of the details for when and where your examination is going to be held. Once you’ve passed both exams with a score of 70% or higher, the next step would be to apply for a dental hygiene license. On your license application you must include most of your personal information as well as your certificate from CODA-accredited Academic Program, and your passing scores on your national and regional examinations, and once you’re ready you may submit your application for licensure. The final step is to maintain your license throughout your professional career and make sure to maintain your license by continuing education of 36 hours every two years.

Indiana Driver License

To obtain an Indiana driver license, you should pass a driver’s license test. To learn more about Indiana driver’s license renewal, Indiana driver’s license documents needed, and an Indiana driver’s license cost you may scroll down.

To obtain a driver’s license depending on your age, you will need to submit several required documents, get a learner’s permit and then pass a driving test.

There are three types of licenses you are able to apply for:

  1. Instruction permit or Learner’s license. If you are 15 you can apply for this license
  2. Probationary license. If you are from 16 to 21 years, and you’re a learner’s license holder, this may be your second stage
  3. Regular (Adult) Driver’s license. If you are from 18 to 21 you may apply for this license. But, firstly, you should obtain a learner’s license

Indiana Educator & Teaching License

The first step to earning your teaching certificate would be to provide proof that you have obtained a bachelor’s degree from a state-accredited college. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree you must also hold an average of a 3.0 GPA as a requirement by the state of Indiana. As an applicant, in addition to the 32 hours of coursework you must complete, you must also complete a student-teaching experience or clinical at a teaching program. This field-work must consist of 100 hours of classroom assistance spending 30-35 hours in the classroom for experience every week. The next step for a licensee would be to take a test on basic skills and complete a teacher performance assessment. Once you’ve completed these steps you must submit your fingerprints and a criminal background check which must be sent to the Indiana State Board of Education (ISBE). Finally, once you’re ready you may submit your application for certification to the (ISBE) and submit all your personal information along with your passing scores on the state examination, and your hours of completed experience in the clinical field. You’re now ready to work as a certified teacher in the state of Indiana.

Indiana HVAC License

The specialists who work with equipment that use refrigerants, including central air conditioning units, should get HVAC license to operate in Indiana. The chief agency that provides HVAC license in Indiana is EPA. It gives section 608 license. Apart from State approval, HVAC specialists should have local credentials as well.

However, only plumbing contractors can practice in the State of Indiana. Thus, local counties need various essentials for the HVAC license. There are plenty of benefits for a HVAC specialist in Indiana. The State provides a growing job market . Hence, the quantity of licenses can bring new job opportunities.

The first step for HVAC certification is appropriate education. You should apply to a college or a secondary school program. The program should include trainings on refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating technology. The duration of such courses is something between 6 months and three years to complete.

There is certain payment for HVAC certification. You should pay for EPA 608 certification apart from any college training costs. The least cost for the licensure is $24.95 for the initial test and $5.95 for each extra attempt. If you have already got your license, you should know it’s not permanent. The renewal is per two years. Send your renewal notice 90 days before its expiry.

The renewal is possible online, by The State of Indiana’s website. Email submission is also available.

Indiana Insurance & Adjuster License

In order to obtain your insurance license in Indiana you must first makes sure to be at least 18 years or older and maintain a high school diploma or the equivalent. The next step would be to complete all pre-licensing courses which is a requirement for licensure, you’ll need to take 20 hours of the following types of insurance: life, accident/health, fire (property), casualty, and personal lines. Once you’ve completed all these courses and an additional 7.5 hours of in-class training, you’ll receive a certification of completion and must present it to the Indiana Department of Insurance before applying for licensure. The next step would be to schedule and pay the required fee for the state examination for licensure which is $102. Once you’ve passed your exam with a score of 70% or higher, you’ll receive a certificate of completion about 48 hours after testing. The final step is to apply for licensure with the (IDI) and must fill out your personal information along with certifications for both your pre-licensing courses and state examinations. Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll receive your license about a week after submitting and may practice freely as a licensed insurance agent in the state of Illinois.

Indiana License Plate Lookup

License plates are the essential property for the car owners. There are certain methods to gain a license plate and your vehicle’s registration. You may get the needed information about a certain vehicle by using your license plate.

There are some circumstances that an Indiana license plate lookup is a must. For example, the mentioned circumstances include the incidents of the vehicle’s engagement in a crime. The vehicle owners in Indiana must register their automobiles. They must apply for Indiana license plates afterward.

The registration fees vary from $5 to $10.25, depends on some features. You may register your car online, in person, or using an Email. Also, you can renew your car registration. To renew your vehicle’s registration you have to go to your local department taking the proper documents with you.

There are two main types of license plates in Indiana: Standard and Distinctive. Standard plates are also known as vehicle registration plates. There is another type of license plate in Indiana. It’s a personalized license plate. To personalize your license plate you should add your own words to your plate number.

The characters, that a personalized license plate has, vary depends on the type of the vehicle. You can find an Indiana license plate attached in the back, front, or both sides of the vehicle.

You are not allowed to drive without a license plate in Indiana. Or else, it will even cause the arrest or will get the vehicle seized if you don’t have a license plate. Moreover, in case of stolen, lost, or damaged license plates, you need to report to the local Police station.

Indiana Marriage License

You are getting married soon and want to know how to start the preparation part. You must know that the first thing is that you must have a Marriage License. If you and your partner want to marry legally, you should apply for a Marriage License. It is a document, which will permit you to marry. To have a Marriage License, you need to know some important things about it. There are requirements for genders, ages, etc.

Indiana Medical & Physician License

The first step in obtaining your Indiana Physician license would be to complete and obtain a certification from an undergraduate program where you’ll obtain your bachelor’s, then master’s degree in medicine. The next step would be to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and complete it was a passing score, in-order to be accepted into a state-accredited medical school. Once you’ve passed the MCAT you’re required to apply for a state-accredited medical school, applicants must target their desired medical school and submit an application form to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). The experience and work you’ll need to attain will all be available at the medical school of your choice, you’ll complete training curriculum in the work-field under a licensed medical supervisor.

Indiana Nursing License

In order to obtain a nursing license in Indiana the first step should be to enroll into a state-accredited nursing program. Next you should choose a practical nursing program. The program must be approved by the board and be equivalent of a calendar year in length and meet content requirements. When your graduation date is approaching you are eligible to submit your Indiana Nursing License application. When you can submit the application depends on the school. The Board publishes a list of application dates by school. You will need to pay $50 as an application fee. After the application has been received you will get a criminal background check. Only after passing these steps you will be able to register for the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-PN). You can do it by the Pearson Vue and will need to pay a $200 testing fee. It may take a few weeks to receive the test results. If you pass the exam, you will receive an email with your license number. Indiana is a member of the nurse licensure compact states. So, you can apply for your compact nursing license and pay an additional $25.

Indiana Plumbing License

In order to obtain your plumbing license you’re required to be at least 17 years of age or older, and the first step in obtaining your plumbing license in Indiana is to obtain a high school diploma or an equivalent (GED). Once you’re ready, the next step is to enroll in a plumbing apprenticeship program where you’ll gain the necessary knowledge and experience you’ll need in order to become a licensed plumber. The program you join will allow you to have experience in the work-field and be trained by an experienced licensed supervisor who’ll guide you along the way. Finally, the last step is to become a licensed plumber by filling out a license application form in which you will include all your personal information along with your credentials and verification and completion of your vocational training. Once you’ve submitted your application you will wait for your license via mail, and may start practicing as an independent licensed plumber.

Indiana Private Investigator License

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a growth in employment for private investigators. There will possibly be entry-level positions that decide to start in this industry.

As a matter of fact, you are going to have a number of responsibilities. For example, some businesses are possibly going to hire you to do background checks on possible employees. In some cases, you may be asked to identify sources of spam.

In case that sounds interesting to starting this career in Indiana, take a little time to read about the Indiana private investigator license below.

Indiana Real Estate License

In order to be eligible for real estate licensure in the state of Indiana you must be 18 years or older and obtain a high school diploma or the equivalent. The first step in obtaining your license is to complete 75 hours of state-approved pre-licensing education and pass the final exam of your course with a 75% or higher. Once you’ve passed the final exam you must then pass the Indiana Real Estate Broker examination, this exam is compiled of a 140 questions and two portions which cover state and national requirements. Once you’ve passed the final examination for licensure you must select a sponsoring broker who you will work under as an apprentice and use the experience gained while working in the field. Finally, you’ll apply for licensure to the Indiana Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, you must fill out your application with your personal information and certification of completion for all coursework.

Indiana Security Guard License

To begin your career in the security sector, firstly you need to make sure you qualify for the license. Consequently, to have permission to work, you should apply to the Indiana Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board (PISG). Unarmed officers do not have to hold a license. However, they should have approved employment by the Board. They must be at least 18 and pass a background check. It is proof of not having felony convictions. Additionally, if the owner demands, they should also complete training courses. To carry firearms, applicants meet the same demands. The only difference is being at least 21. Make sure to read the whole piece so that you do not miss a single detail.

Indiana Tattoo License

If you are or plan to become a tattooist we congratulate you, because you chose one of the most demanding professions. Indeed, this is also one of the nicest ones. However, let’s agree that it is not as easy as many people can imagine. Creating body art is a job related to customers’ health.

That’s why the government controls the process to avoid bad cases. The most important safety measure is the requirement of earning a permit. It confirms that you meet the sanitary and hygiene demands of the state. In our article, read more detailed information about operating regulations and how to get an Indiana tattoo license.



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