Indiana Contractor License

Indiana Contractor License

Thinking of providing contractor services in Indiana? Indiana contractor license is a must to work legally there. Indiana contractor license lookup will help you to find how to obtain a general contractor license Indiana, or check if someone is licensed or not. But, before using Indiana general contractor license lookup you’d be better to learn some key steps.

How do you get a general contractor’s license in Indiana?

In some states contractors should obtain their licenses through the state. But in Indiana, you should obtain your contractor license at the local level. So, besides plumbers, all contractors should apply for their licenses to the local municipalities.

As the rules vary from city to city, the price and process of obtaining an Indiana Contactor license is different. If you are going to have your own business, before applying for your contractor license you should register your business with Indiana Secretary of State.

Although the payments and steps are different for each city and municipality, there are general requirements that you should meet:

  • Fill the General Contractors Application, sign and notarize before submitting
  • If you have registered business, you should submit the documents
  • Pay license fee, which is $90 in average
  • You must have a General Liability Insurance Certificate
  • And before applying for your license you should pass an exam for your Indiana General Contractor License

The license is issued for one year. You will need to renew through the local city municipality, where you applied for the initial license. And again, the price is different for each city.

Do you need a contractor’s license in Indiana?

Although the contractor’s licenses are not issued and regulated at the state level, you cannot provide any services without Indiana contractor license. Only plumbers should apply for their license in a different way. You can use Indiana plumber license lookup at the top of the website, to know how you can obtain your license.

You should also pass the contractor qualifying exam. Just like the application process, the exam requirement vary from city to city. Some municipalities require you to pass the exam before applying for you Indiana contractor license, some require after applying. And the prices also are different and depends on your local government.

What is the easiest contractor’s license to get in Indiana?

There are many types of contractor’s licenses and for which one you should apply depends on the services you are going to provide.

  • If you are going to construct, reconstruct, remodel, and repair constructions and the scope of your services aren’t limited, you should apply for the General Contractor license.
  • If the scope of services you are going to provide are connected with structures and you are limited with three stories or less of new construction and additions you should apply for the Building Contactor license.
  • If you’re an electrician, you cannot provide services without Electricians contractor license.
  • If you don’t have any experience and want to obtain a license one of the most common and easiest way is either RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) or RME (Responsible Managing Employee). The RMՕ is a licensed contractor who allows their license number to be used by an existing business to take on construction projects over $500. The same is for RME, except the contractor qualifying the company is an employee.

But, this is not general for each city, so it would be better to check with your local municipality.

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