Indiana Tattoo License

Indiana Tattoo License

Of course, having professional tools is not enough to perform as a tattooist. Besides, there is some knowledge you need to gain before launching your career. However, to work legally you must earn an Indiana tattoo license. Thus, this is a guarantee that you follow safety standards and rules.

If you are looking for guides on how to obtain it continue to read this article. It contains the necessary information for you.

How to get a license to tattoo?

Firstly, let’s understand who must have a certificate. In fact, like in Illinois, here the law does not require individual body artists to be a licensee. However, they have to meet the requirements regarding sanitation. Indeed, above all this refers to parlors where specialists provide services. Tattooing equipment also should be sterile.

Then, who needs to qualify and request certification? It is the responsibility of the facility owner. This is the one who hosts or hires tattooists. So, they ensure that whoever carries out the procedures does that in a clear location. In other words, an establishment holder registers not an employee but his business. If an artist rents land, definitely, he is to do that.

Applying for a permit

IDH issues the licenses. So, firstly, you should submit an application to the Health Department office of your region. But, note that for each county there is a separate sample. Search for the forms on the official website of IDH. In general, they include applicant’s:

  • full name;
  • email;
  • phone number;
  • photo ID;
  • facility address and name;
  • working hours.

After filling it up, bring it to the branch in person. In this case, you may pay with cash, money order, or by using credit/debit cards. However, with the last method, you have to give an additional 3% fee. Another option is sending papers by mail. Accordingly, you also need to attach your payment receipt. Many offices accept documents online as well.

The application cost

The charge is different for every county. The amount ranges from $50 to $200. By the way, it is not refundable. That’s why the failure or making mistakes is not desirable.

Inspection report template

After handing over the application you should wait for its approval. It may last 2-3 weeks. Then, schedule an investigation with DHCP.

Inspectors confirm that procedures are done in a healthy and hygienic manner. Moreover, they carry out check-ups when there is a complaint from a client.

And eventually, if everything is within the norms, you get an allowance to open your business.


Expiration dates also vary from one county to another. For example, in Joseph, it is on the 31st of January. However, most permits are valid until the 31st of December. Refresh must occur annually. The renewal fee starts from $75. If you renew it before its invalidity, the price will be lower.

Operating demands

Before beginning your path in this sphere you have to know local regulations. Thus, nearly 20 years ago it was illegal to tattoo out of a clinic. Meanwhile, today we can see shops everywhere. Senate Bill 13 adopted in 1997, IN regulates tattoo licensing and performance process.
Here we have presented some of them:

  • Every tattooist is to pass blood-borne pathogen training approved by OSHA.
  • The reuse of single-use items is unacceptable (for instance, needles, gloves, ink, containers, etc.).
  • Tattooing customers under the age of 14 is forbidden. It is possible in the case of 14-18 y/o teens, but with their parents’ written consent.
  • You are to keep records.
  • Having at least 2 sinks with running water for handwashing is mandatory.
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