Indiana Auction License

Indiana Auction License

If you decide to do the business without a permit, nearly all the states of the U.S will charge you for illegal activity, hinder you from selling automobiles, or even send you to jail. Therefore, you should take steps of getting an Indiana Auction License. Thus, you should start by learning the requirements.

Document Requirements for Indiana Auction License

After reading the Indiana Code on this, start to fill out the application form (SF 13215). There is a special guide, that helps you with the process. Go by the link and find the form. Make sure that you meet the demands. According to the form, you are to have several pieces of paperwork.

You are to present your criminal record along with your insurance proof and business entity paperwork. Merchandising certificate and the expenses are also needed.

The photo proving your identity and several other photos of the location along with the retail merchant certificate and zoning affidavit is the next portion of records that you have to deliver.

NOTE: The criminal record has to be no older than 60 days. The zoning affidavit, signed by the officials, is to be no older than 90 days from the present submission date.

Location Requirements for Indiana Auction License

First of all, you have to have a temporary location. The one that you choose must have a mailing address and no other enterprise must operate there. The premises are to be within the state and available for people.

It has to work 30 hours during the week. As for the physical features, it has to be 1300 sq feet and has to have free display space for ten cars. Make sure that the space is well-lit as it is a separate point in the list of the provisions.

The place is to be conspicuous and has parking for customers. It must not be in a retail complex. The office is to have a minimum of 100 sq ft space and be furnished.

If you have any questions, send them a mail for detailed answers. The address is specified at the end of the article.

Types of The Indiana Auction License

The number of the types is 8. They may be applied to different kinds of sellers. They are the mobility, watercraft, transfer dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and converter manufacturers.

Besides the latter-mentioned factor, you also ought to specify what kind of car you are to going to work with. You may sell passenger autos or trucks, motorcycles or trailers, mobile homes or recreational vehicles, ATVs or boats, and so on.

Though the types differ, they do not change any of the processes. For example, everyone has to have a seller bond regardless of the kind of sale that they run.


Now when you are closely acquainted with the demands, your second step must be the determination of the type of the permit. After this, submit the criminal record check. If you do this, you can get a Registered Retail Merchant Certificate.

The next is the act of receiving the bond and delivering insurance proof. If you meet all the conditions and have provided all the papers, you can apply. Pay $30 and wait for an answer.

Fees and Expenses

The commission charges $35 for the exams as a seller. The same amount is relevant for the reexamination process. The application per exam as a seller will cost you $70. You pay the same amount per reciprocal agreement. The company is to pay $70 for the application.

The quadrennial registration renewal in the case of a seller is $70. If you are a company, you are to deliver again the same $70. For the renewal reinstatement, they charge $50. Both for the pocket card and the status certification, you are to pay a fee of $10.

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