Indiana Private Investigator License

Indiana Private Investigator License

Getting an Indiana private investigator license is quite easy in this state. Generally, here you do not need a PI course or training to work for a private detective agency. All you need is to obtain a registration or become an employer under a state-authorized agency.

In fact, it is possible to work as a private investigator even if you do not possess a certification. Accordingly, you become one under supervision.


According to state law, there are some basic requirements that you have to follow to become one. These include:

  • Age: at least 21yo or older
  • Language proficiency
  • Mental health check
  • Clean criminal record
  • Proof of Liability Insurance: $100,000
  • Citizenship: A legal resident of the US
  • Experience: Minimum two years or 4000hrs

In addition, it is preferable to have a four-year degree in a criminal justice-type field. Also, make sure you have the necessary written exams. Currently, there are no written exams.

Moreover, unlike in the other states, here you are not required to take a government-approved licensing course or test. Make sure to meet the requirements as this is mandatory statewide.

How do I obtain it?

In Indiana, the official governing body for detectives is the Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board. Whenever you submit the exact documentation to The Board, you will probably obtain your business certification. You can apply both in-person and online.

In most cases, jurisdictions provide a beginner’s license. In fact, Indiana does not. Anyways, if you are employed under a certified state PI agency you get a certification similar to a beginner’s. Actually, this is where your struggle starts.

How much does it cost?

The application must include a fee of $300. Additionally, there may also be charges for fingerprint documentation. For the renewal of your certification, you have to pay a fee of $150.

Please note that you are required to submit your out-of-state licensure verification and other academic transcripts. In some cases, you should pay to obtain this paperwork.

Beginner License

Firstly, the equivalent for the beginner’s license is mainly supported by the staff of any of the state PI agencies. Here is what you must know.

Basically, your employer registers you through the government. Accordingly, this allows you to work for that agency. This does not mean that you have the right to work for yourself. In fact, you should operate under the supervision of one of those offices.

As a matter of fact, another experienced master will not supervise or guide. Indeed, those agencies do not own the strategy to monitor mentors/students. Furthermore, a background in non-PI detectives gives you some transferable knowledge. But it will not set you up to become a successful specialist. For this reason, practical knowledge and training specifically for a PI are necessary.

PI Guidance

First things first, it may not be acceptable for clients with small budgets to use their files to randomly train new specialists.

Basically, the time comes for you to work on investigations with no experience or education in the following field. If you take a course or training in this sphere, the main topic will probably be the legal issues. Later, you receive some basic training concerning PI topics.

Additional Information

As a matter of fact, you ought to renew your IN license once every four years. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have special data about the annual mean wage statewide. However, the national average is $52,840.

Also, there are no training courses required in the state.

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