Indiana Marriage License

Indiana Marriage License

If you are planning to marry in Indiana, you must have a Marriage License, which will be given by a county clerk.

Who can marry in Indiana?

There are different requirements for getting married in Indiana. You must meet the requirements in order to get a Marriage License:

  • The clerks will give you a marriage license if both of you are 18 years old or older
  • You will have a license if you as an individual are at least 16 years old
  • You will get a license if one of you is at least 16 or 17 and another one is older no more than 4 years

Who will not get a Marriage License in Indiana?

There are situations when you cannot get a license in Indiana:

  • The clerk will not give you a marriage license if during application you will be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • You will not get permission for marriage if you are closer relatives than the second cousins
  • The clerk will not permit you if you are judged to be of the unfounded mind and it is not removed yet
  • If you are lifetime sex or violent offender, you will not get a Marriage License, unless you provide the written notice of that person that you intend to marry.

How to obtain a Marriage License in Indiana?

If you want to obtain a Marriage License in Indiana, you have to apply for getting it. You must go to a local county clerk and fill out an application. But you can fill out an application online to save time in the county clerk’s office.

How much is an Indiana Marriage License?

If you want to get an Indiana Marriage License, after the application part, you must pay for it. If both of you or maybe either of you has a residency in Indiana, you must pay $18, but if either of you or both of you are out-of-state applicants, you need to pay $60. There are some county clerks, where you pay an additional $2 for documents.

What do you need for getting a Marriage License in Indiana?

To obtain a Marriage License in Indiana, you need to know what you need to provide. Here is some important information for you:

The first, important document is proof of identity, which will include your first, middle, and last name and date of birth.

  • You can provide a passport for proof of identity.
  • If you do not have a passport with you, you can provide a driver’s license. Or you can provide your birth certificate

The second document, which you need to provide is your Social Security Number.

  • The county clerk will ask you to provide some information about your parents
  • You need to provide your parents’ first, middle, and last names
  • Secondly, you must provide their last known address

And then you must provide their birthplace.

Can you marry the same day that you get your Marriage License?

You can marry the same day that you get your Marriage License. A Marriage License is valid only for 60 days, so you need to plan your wedding within that 60 days or apply for a Marriage License when you have already planned the date of your wedding.

How can you get a copy of your Marriage License in Indiana?

If you need a copy of your Marriage License, you have three options for that:

  • You can go to the local clerk of court and request a copy
  • Or you can do it by email. You must send the application and wait for the answer by email
  • The third option is requesting a certified copy of a Marriage License online.

Do you need to provide information about your last marriage?

Information about your last marriage is necessary. If you were in marriage before this one, you need to provide two pieces of information about that:

  • You must provide how your marriage ended, whether it was divorce, death, or annulment
  • Then you have to provide when it ends: month and year.

Can you have a covenant marriage?

A covenant marriage differs from state to state. But you cannot have a covenant marriage in Indiana, as it doesn’t provide you that option.

Can you have a proxy marriage in Indiana?

A proxy marriage differs from state to state too. In Indiana, you cannot have a proxy marriage, as Indiana government doesn’t allow it. Both of you must be present during both the wedding ceremony and the Application for a Marriage License.

Does the state government allow cousin marriages in Indiana?

Only a marriage between first cousins is allowed in Indiana, but both of you must be at least 65 years old. Closer relative’s marriage is not allowed in Indiana.

Does the state government allow same-sex marriages in Indiana?

Same-sex marriages are allowed in Indiana. It was first legalized in 2014 in Indiana.

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