Indiana Medical & Physician License

Indiana Medical & Physician License

To be safe and take a better care of your health you’d be better to confirm if the doctor has a medical license or not. Because of its importance, Indiana medical license lookup will help you to check the validity of the license. Whether you want to confirm that your license is on the Indiana medical license lookup lists you can use Indiana medical license lookup.

How do you get a medical license in Indiana?

If you want to be a doctor in Indiana, work in hospitals and make your childhood dream come true, you will need to graduate from a medical university and obtain an Indiana Medical and Physician License.

After graduating the university you will need to complete postgraduate trainings. Those trainings should be accredited by ACGME, AOA or Royal Canada.
The next step is passing the required exams. You will also need to obtain National Practitioner Data Bank/Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank report.

Here is the list that you should submit to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana with your application:

  • Filled application. You can submit either the Indiana Specific application or the Uniform Licensure application
  • Your fingerprints for the criminal background check
  • Passport type photo taken within the past three months
  • Transcript, which should be in the envelop and stamped
  • Your medical degree
  • Proof of postgraduate training
  • NPDB/HIPDB report
  • Exam scores, which should be sent directly to the board

If you have graduated from a university out of state or country, you will need to translate and notarize all your documents. And submit a notarized copy of your ECFMG certificate.

If you already have license in another state, you will also need to submit License Verification or a Letter of Good Standing.

You will need to pay $250 as an application fee. If you are submitting UA you will need to pay additional $50. Your Indiana Medical and Physician License will expire every odd-numbered year on October 31. You will need to pay $200 to renew your license.

How long does it take to get a medical license in Indiana?

To obtain Indiana Medical and Physician License may take quite a long time. You should have a university degree. It may take at least 4 years to obtain. Then pass the postgraduate training. Which may take a year. Pass the board exams and gather all the required documents.

To know what you will need you can scroll up or use Indiana medical license lookup.

After submitting all the required documents, it may take two to four months before you get your Indiana Medical and Physician License.

What is the easiest medical license to get in Indiana?

You cannot be a doctor and work in hospitals until you have your Indiana medical license. But there is a temporary permit, which will allow you to practice 90 days.

If you have a valid license in the United States or in Canada you can apply for a temporary permit.

To obtain the temporary permit you will need to submit to the board:

  • A notarized copy of your current license
  • $100 temporary permit fee

The permit is valid for 90 days or when your final license is ready.

You can learn more about licenses and the obtaining process for each state in the website.

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