Indiana License Plate Lookup

Indiana License Plate Lookup

If you live in Indiana, you will notice that every automobile or motorcycle has a license plate on the motor vehicle.

In this article, you will find complete information about the license plates in Indiana.

Searching an Indiana license plate

Firstly, an Indiana license plate presents a six-digits and letters combination. Secondly, this will help you to get information about the owner of the vehicle (individual or organization) and the current title of the motor vehicle. Also, it may help you to get acquainted with the car. In other words, you can uncover accidents or repairs and even the manufacturer’s name, color, engine information, etc.

But, you may consider that some information about the car owner is private. On the other hand, you may get the owner’s name, address, and criminal background report from your local law enforcement agencies.

Moreover, you may get the links to his/her social media accounts, the vehicle’s VIN, and so on. Besides, it will allow you to determine any cases related to lawbreaking.

But, there are some situations where the license plate lookup is required. This refers to the incidents when the vehicle is engaged in the crime. This will give a big help to the Law authorities, too.

However, to find information about the vehicle, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Write the code or enter the code photo.
  • Enter the code into a special field on the searching website.

Here are few simple steps which will help you look up Indiana license plates:

  • Find a reliable website for checking
  • Select the State
  • Enter the license plate number
  • View the report of the searching results

The Reason for Indiana License Plates Being So Expensive

The reason why an Indiana license plate is too expensive is an extra excise tax. It is important to mention that the cost of that excise tax depends on the type of the vehicle. This means that the more expensive car will demand higher excise tax.

In addition, Indiana license plates have compensation taxes. This means that the fee for the license plates is greater than elsewhere to compensate for higher taxes.

The Costs of Plates and Registration in Indiana

You need to consider that the registration fee depends on some features. It can vary according to the vehicle’s type, vehicle taxes, your residence, where it should be registered. For lorries, the registration fee is being calculated according to its weight. The registration fees can vary from $5 to $10.25. And the fees for the license plates in Indiana vary from $21.35 to $45.

Indiana’s Numbering System

The base of Indiana’s numbering system is the alphabetically organized list of 92 counties in the State. If you hesitate which number matches a certain county, then you may check it in the alphabetical list of all the 92 counties in the State of Indiana.

From 1963 to the present the Indiana license plates include the prefix number. It indicates a certain county and the other letters and numbers as serial.

Indiana Car Registration

There are three types of car registration in Indiana. So, you may register your car either online or in person. Also, you have an opportunity for registration via Email.

Online registration

You must complete the registration within 45 days after you purchased your vehicle.

Enter the following information to the newly created account or to an existing one:

  • Indiana Driver’s license number
  • The details of your vehicle’s title
  • Pay the registration fee

If you have not registered your vehicle within 45 days, you must go to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles to finish your registration.

In-person registration

You should register your car at the local BMV department if you bought your car more than 45 days ago. Also, you may complete in-person registration if you did not get the title for your vehicle.

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the registration process:

  • Fill in your Indiana driver’s license
  • The vehicle’s original title
  • You need to notice that if you did not title the automobile in your name, then you will need to bring proof of Indiana insurance and registration fee.

Car Registration Renewal

You must complete the following steps to renew the registration:

  • Create an account with your Email address.
  • Log in to the renewal page.
  • Pay with a credit card, e-check, or bank card.
  • After completing the process you can print the script.
  • To renew your registration you have to go to your local department taking the required documents with you:
  • Car insurance proof
  • Notice of current registration or renewal.

Types of License Plates in Indiana

There are two Indiana license plate types you can apply for your vehicle’s registration:

  1. Standard License Plates
  2. Distinctive license plates

Standard vehicle plates are also known as vehicle registration plates.

Distinctive license plates include these components:

  • Indiana’s standard license plates
  • The plate that supports military staff, colleges and universities, and also organizations.

Personalized License Plates in Indiana

There are also personalized license plates in Indiana. This means that you may add your own words to the plate number. After that, you will personalize your license plate.

Here are certain qualifications for the personalized license plates in Indiana:

  • Vehicles can have characters up to 7.
  • Motorcycles can have characters up to 6.
  • Usage of letters, words, and one space.

Indiana BMV may reject license plates for one or more reasons, check out our banned license plates in Indiana for more details.

Replacement of a Stolen, Lost, or Damaged Indiana License Plate

In case of stolen, lost, or damaged license plates, you need to contact the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles local department. Here you can report about the situation. As a result, the BMV will assist you to replace or duplicate the license plate.

The required fee for the replacement or duplication of the license plate is $9.50.

Indiana long-lasting license plates

The BMV defines some new rules about the extension of the license plates. According to the new rules, you need to proceed with Indiana license plate replacement every 7 years instead of replacing it every 5 years. This will save the State’s money by reducing purchasing the metal.

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