Indiana Banned License Plates

Indiana Banned License Plates

The state of Indiana allows you to have a vanity license plate. But it must contain an approved message by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. So, as the vanity license plates are allowed to obtain, there are people, who want to put stupid things on their plates.

The regulations for personalized plates vary from state to state, but some things stay the same for every state. So, here they are:

  • Firstly, the plate cannot have profanity.
  • Secondly, the vanity plate cannot have sexual or drug references.
  • Then, the personalized license plate cannot contain derogatory language.
  • And lastly, it cannot have political or religious statements.

You have to follow the above-mentioned rules to avoid Indiana banned license plates.

Why does the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Indiana ban license plates?

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles can refuse you to obtain a Personalized License Plate if it has a combination of numbers or letters.

The refusal will happen if:

  1. The plate contains a connotation or meaning, which is abusive.
  2. Then, if it is misleading.
  3. And if the BMV considers that it is improper to obtain.

When your request for the plate is denied, the BMV will send you a denial letter. At this time, you will be required to choose one of the alternate options.

  • You can apply for a standard license plate. And your vanity license plate fee will be refunded.
  • Or you can select another message and register your PLP. And the fee will be transferred to this new registration.

Your registration after the denial will be over when the BMV receives a written request within 18 days.

The custom plate fees

The vanity plates in Indiana cost $45.00. You have to pay the fee when you register for it and for the annual renewal. The fee can vary if you change the type of your plate.

The requirements on the vanity plate

If you do not want a banned license plate in Indiana, here are the requirements, which your plate must contain.

  • The plate can only have a combination of letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9)
  • The message on the plate must have at least two characters
  • Then, the message can have spaces between numbers and letters

The message cannot contain the following things:

  • The message cannot have special characters
  • And it cannot have only numbers
  • The message cannot have more than one consecutive space

In the Standard Personalized License Plate, you can have a maximum of 8 characters for passenger plate size and a maximum of 6 characters for motorcycle plate size.

In all other distinctive Personalized License Plates, you can have a maximum of 6 characters for passenger plate size and a maximum of 5 characters for motorcycle plate size.

Examples of Banned License Plates in Indiana

Here you can see some examples of Indiana Banned License Plates.

  • SATAN1
  • SMRTA555
  • COV1D19

Indiana license plate types

Here are the eligible license plate types:

  • The first one is the Standard Indiana passenger
  • The second type is the Standard Indiana motorcycle
  • Then, you can find the Disability type
  • Fourthly, it is the “In God We Trust” type
  • The next type is Military
  • And lastly, it is Special Group Recognition

Ordering a license plate in Indiana

When the BMV approves your request for the message for the PLP, you have to go on registering the PLP each year. You have to continue registration to retain the property of the message for the Personalized License Plate.

If you did not register your vanity plate for more than one year, it will be available for others and they can apply for it.

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