Indiana Barber License

Indiana Barber License

Getting an Indiana barber license is not as easy as one may think. Those who want to be an expert must have 1500 hours of education. Gain these educational hours by studying at schools. The topics are very diverse for you to choose from.

For example, shop management, skin, and scalp disorders, mustache and beard styling, coloring. There are various specializations that you are to choose from. For example, cutting, styling, and designing men’s hair.

You will also need practical training in various fields. For instance, scientific fundamentals for beauticians, hygiene, and bacteriology, the histology of hair and skin, cutting.

Other fields are shaving, arranging, and dressing hair, the structure of the head, face, and neck, and the study of skin diseases under a certified dermatologist.

Final Practical Examination

After the above-mentioned requirements, you need to pass the final exam. You have 3 goes to score 75% and more.

Submit application for the certificate

After that, you have the required data accumulated, you can submit the application for getting a certificate. For doing this, you have to pay $40. You are able to submit it online or do it in written form. The Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners provide the certificate. It manages various examinations and educational standards for hairdressers, manicurists, and cosmetologists.

With the application letter, provide the training transcript. You are also to send a photo of yourself. If you have a hairdresser certificate received by another state, you apply for an Indiana barber license by paying a $100 fee. Besides, you are to provide all the documents that you accumulate in the general process before submission.

Board reviews your application

After the submission, the board views your papers. If they consider it, only after that you will need to pass the exam. Read the handbook that is presented to the applicants before you take the exam. The latter is written. You have to pay $45 to schedule it.

There are 110 multiple-choice questions. You will be given 135 minutes to answer them. The topics that have been already mentioned above are different. You may schedule your written licensing exam at many venues. The places are the following;

  • Merrillville
  • Fort Wayne
  • Terre Haute
  • Evansville
  • Chicago
  • Lansing

You learn about your score right after the test. After that, the board issues a warrant online. You also have the opportunity to buy paper online.

Start your career

After all the above-mentioned phases, you are to start your career at the local salons or open your own. The time for the renewal of the warrant is every four years, The end date is August 1 of every second year. There is a $40 fee for the renewal. To do this, you are to feel the paper or online form.

Register your business

If you want to open your business, you are to take some action. The Board qualifies your shop. And for this, submit Beauty Culture Salon Application and allow your shop to be inspected by the latter. But you have the opportunity to go even further.

You can become a hairdresser instructor. In this case, you are to complete 1000 hours of beautician instructor education, submit an application for an examination for a beauty culture instructor authorization and pass Pearson VUE instructor examinations.


The salary of the barber in the state varies from $35,000 to $41,000. It is a bit more than the salary in other states. If you want to learn more information about this topic, read other articles like Hawaii Barber License. You can look up different licenses on our web page if you consider changing your profession.

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