Indiana HVAC License

Indiana HVAC License

If you want to get Indiana HVAC license, view several procedures. They can lead you to the so much desirable certification. Yet, if an HVAC company hires you, a contractor’s license is needless. Anyway, if you want to start your own business, an HVAC approval is something you should get. Whether this information has to do with you, then consider the details below.

Does Indiana need an HVAC license?

The specialists who work with equipment that use refrigerants, including central air conditioning units, must have EPA Section 608 license. It includes four categories.

  • Small appliances
  • High-pressure appliances
  • Low-pressure appliances
  • Universal

Other companies offer HVAC licensing as well. To apply for the exams, you should.

  • Provide at least 1-2 years of experience.
  • 144+ hours of technical education.

Some of those certification agencies are.

  • North American Technician Excellence
  • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
  • National Occupational Competency Testing Institute
  • HVAC Excellence
  • Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association

Apart from State approval, HVAC specialists should have local credentials as well.

Only plumbing contractors can practice in the State of Indiana. Thus, local counties need various essentials for the HVAC license.

How do I get my license?

To get a HVAC license in the state of Indiana, submit.

  • Application on Heating and Cooling exam . The exam is managed by Prometric.
  • Resume with work experience.
  • At least 5 years of experience with verified employment records.
  • At least three signed feedback letters from entities in the HVAC-R industry.
  • Driver’s license duplicate.
  • Copies of all certificates about heating and cooling industry.

After you submit the documents, the Board allows you to take the exam.

If you have passed the exam with 70% or higher results, do as follows.

Submit the proof of performance bond, third-party insurance,
Comply employee’s compensation coverage with proper fees and applications for the license.

The benefits of getting an HVAC certificate?

There are many benefits of getting a HVAC license in Indiana.

The State provides a growing job market for HVAC specialists. Hence, the quantity of licenses can bring new job opportunities. In fact, each certificate proves that you have the background to service their equipment.

Only licensed specialists can build up a business. Moreover, they have the right to promote their services. Contractors who have certificates may also apply for public and governmental projects.

What states reciprocate with Indiana HVAC certificate?

The Indiana HVAC licensing does not interchange with the licenses of other states. Each county of the state performs license. Therefore, check if your local HVAC license is valid with any other county within the state.

How much does an HVAC school cost in Indiana?

If you want to get an Indiana HVAC license, pay for EPA 608 certification. You should pay the fee apart from any college or school training costs.

The least cost for the licensure is $24.95 for the initial test and $5.95 for each extra attempt. The tuition cost for a regular HVAC school varies from $1,200 to $15000 for a 6 to 12-month period. In Community colleges, the cost of tuition for In-State Students is about $4,868 per year. For Out-Of-State students $8614 per year.

How long does it take to get an HVAC license?

To get your Indiana HVAC certification, apply to a college or a secondary school program. The program should include trainings on refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating technology. The duration of such courses is something between 6 months and three years to complete.

How to check an HVAC license in Indiana?

You can check an Indiana HVAC license by the official Indianapolis website. It provides a list of certified contractors. The website also gives a search engine. Here you can type the contractor’s full name, a company name, and the number that appears on the license. The search engine will check the validity of the license.

Pass on this link to begin your search.

The renewal process of certification.

You should renew an Indiana HVAC contractor’s license for two years of its validation.

Send your renewal notice 90 days before its expiry.

The renewal is possible online, by The State of Indiana’s website. Email submission is also available.

Online renewal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will take several minutes to complete. You will get the confirmation on the next business day.

What is the average salary for a HVAC specialist in Indiana

The average salary of a HVAC professional varies depending on many factors. The median wage relies on the city you work. The professional background and years of experience also matter.

In fact, the yearly mean salary for HVAC specialists in Indiana is $54,540. It is higher than the national median which is $53,410.

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